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Favourite Links - Links to other free* web sites or groups which follow the true philosophy of the internet (send us your suggestions). Items marked new were added 20th February 2005. * free or uses adult services like UGAS, Mancheck, or CyberAge.
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here, this dynamic tool allows you to submit sites yourself and view links suggested by other visitors. Hairy Faces is not responsible for the content.

Hairyfaces Yahoo Group
Receive daily downloads of pictures of hairy faced guys from our very own moderated group.

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Links to other free sites recommended by Hairy Faces:

- A web site promoting beard growth

- 100's of free pictures of beards and goatees plus discussion boards

-  free site of muscled bear profiles - many have hairy faces and are very horny men


- free site mainly focused on horny story telling

- free site featuring only the very hairiest of men

- plenty of free bear pictures and huge galleries of pictures from gay events in the US.

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- free to use

- uses UGAS

- unrestricted access

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- uses UGAS

- a site dedicated to horny hairy faced and bodied art

- male directory with many listing by category.

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 - showcasing a wide variety of men in all kinds of wrestling gear, swimwear and underwear.

MOUSTACHEWEB -  free site dedicated to the moustache

Link to www.cowboyfrank.net Cowboy Frank - a free site all about gay rodeo - lots of pictures of great looking cowboys

Link to www.beardedbears.com - lots of horny pictures of bearded bears

- free membership

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