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Working for an escort service while in college gave me quite a financial independence. For one thing, I could afford to rent my own apartment even though the school was in my hometown. My parents wanted me to stay with them, but I told them that with my “part-time job”, I could afford my own place. This was nice, because I still hadn’t told them that I was gay, and having my own place gave me some freedom to bring guys home.

I had a free night one day when a buddy who also worked for the service called me up and asked if I could substitute for him. He had last-minute emergency to attend to and he said that he cleared it already with the escort agency to get someone to replace him. Hey, I wasn’t doing anything that evening, so I said OK. He told me that this was going to be another one of those groups of men, probably married, who wanted nothing fancy other than a night tight hole to fuck. No kissing, no groping, nothing. Basically, it is fuck-cum-go situation, which I was familiar with. There were supposed to be 4 men, and I was to go to an address at a loft apartment downtown.

I immediately cleaned myself up, made sure there was enough supply of lube and rubbers, and off I went. When I got to the apartment and rang the door bell, a very handsome and distinguish looking gentleman answered the door wearing only a robe. Fuck, he was just my type: well-built, hairy chest, a thick mustache, and probably in his early 50s. I also noticed a wedding band on his finger, which made me even hornier for him. As I looked at him some more, he was starting to look a bit familiar to me, but I couldn’t place or put a finger on how I would know him.

He greeted me and asked if I needed a drink. I told him I was fine, and that I thought that there would be 4 people that I would be serving that evening. He told me the other 3 are on their way, and so I told him that I should get ready. He showed me to the bedroom, and gave me instructions on what I would do. I was to strip naked, stay on my hands and knees with my ass towards the bedroom door, and one by one they will come into the bedroom and fuck me. Each one will take his turn, and after all of them had a go, then the men who wanted to tap my ass a second time will come back in. Easy enough, I said to myself as I got ready.

As I stripped off my clothes and laid out the lube and packets of condoms, the man said that all 4 of them were clean, and that he had told the service that he wanted someone who they could fuck barebacked. Obviously, my buddy forgot to tell me this. While I had been fucked raw before, it had never been by one of my clients. The guy sensed my hesitation, and sweetened the pot by telling me that he would give me generous tip, more than usual, if I agree to it.

Looking at this hunk of a man standing in front of me, with his robe loosely covering his hairy body, I started to get hard at the idea of receiving his hot cum into my ass. So I agreed. He was very pleased and about to say something when the door bell rang. So while he answered the door, I got ready and got onto the bed as he instructed.

It took several minutes, and I heard conversations out in the living room, before I heard the door opened. I turned my head and saw a man, probably in his 40’s, with a slight gut, and again, that wedding ring on his finger. When he saw me, he smiled and quickly shed his clothes. His desire was plainly evident by a stiff cock, not that big, probably 6 inches, but quite thick.

He approached me and saw the lube and rubbers. He asked me if he could fuck me raw, and I consented. After greasing his thick cock, in it went into my offered hole. He grabbed my hips, and off he went, pumping his married cock into my ass. There wasn’t a lot of finesse in his strokes, but his wide cock hit my prostate repeatedly, causing me to moan in pleasure.

It took him about 10 minutes before his climaxed, and I got my first assfull of married man spunk of the night. He pulled out and quickly gathered his clothes before he walked out of the room. It took only a few seconds before another guy walked in. This one was a bigger man, late 50’s probably, and probably a football linebacker at one time just from the way he was built. But hey, no wedding ring this time. So maybe this weren’t a group of frustrated and horny husbands.

The big guy immediately shed his clothes, and without asking, lubed up his dick (which was about 7 inches and huge), and plowed it into my ass. We both moaned at the same time like wounded animal. The pain of the new intrusion hadn’t subsided when this man began his fucking motion. It got progressively harder and more brutal as it went on. I was already charged from the first fuck, and this guy continued to hit my prostate even more aggressively.

I lost track of time, but it was probably 10 to 15 minutes into it when I felt my impending orgasm. Shit, I seldom cum on the job, and this hunk was going to make me shoot hands free. And sure enough, before I could stop it, I was shooting my load all lover the bedsheet, with this man’s hard dick brutally pounding my exposed hole.

“Yeah, you cheap slut! You like this dick pounding your butt, don’t you?” I heard the first words out of his mouth. His voice was deep, masculine, and demanding. I got pumped dry, but my dick was still hard as my rear end was being fucked continuously. 20, 30 minutes into this and this guy was still going strong! Shit, he had an amazing staying power!

By then, I was going out of my mind. My hole was being battered to pieces by his plunging cock, and my own dick was fully hard and wanting to shoot the second load, barely a few minutes after the first. This guy was a natural top and knew the power he had over a slutty bottom. I wanted his cum, and I squeezed my ass ring tightly. This worked, because he moaned and suddenly, as if it was possible, fucked me even harder.

“Fuck, you really want it bad, don’t you slut? You’re gonna get it. You’ll get it deep up your butt, kid! Up your tight, slutty butt!!” he cried.

It was one final, violent shove and I hung on to dear life as this man unloaded his semen deep into my ass. As with his fucking, his convulsion and his rapid-firing cum went on and on, flooding my insides with millions of his babies. This thought alone triggered my own nut as I unloaded the second cum of the evening.

I wasn’t sure if I passed out from the intensity of the climax, but when I started to recover my senses, my ass felt empty. The coolness told me that the huge dick was gone, and I felt cum leaking out of my well-fucked hole. At that point, I was a heaping mess and was totally exhausted after being so thoroughly used by the last stud.

I was still recovering when I heard the door opened once again. I didn’t even have the energy to look up and see the new John. All I did was hiked up my butt and to simply let him take me any way he wanted. I heard clothes being shed, dick being greased, and finally felt a blunt object being pushed into my cum-covered hole. It was a smooth entry even though it felt that my ass was being stretched wider and deeper! Fuck! This new guy was well-hung, and definitely even bigger than the last one. Were they fucking me in the order of size?

As with the last guy, this new one didn’t wait either. As soon as he bottomed out, off he went with his rapid fucking pace. I simply kept my butt high and my head low, letting him take whatever he wanted. Much to my surprise, the bigger, thicker cock was re stimulating my dick, bringing it back to life. After 10 minutes of constant pounding, I started to moan my pleasure and I was getting horny for this man’s cum up my mass.

I squeezed my ass muscles once again, trying to coax his juices. This caused him to moan, and it was the first time I heard his voice. He increase the pace and intensity of his fucking as he was approaching his climax.

“God damn it, what a nice piece of ass!” I heard him say. It was the first words that came from this man who was drilling my hole, and it made me froze. It was a familiar voice, and it didn’t come from the host who answered the door either.

As my body was being pummeled into submission, I slowly cranked my head around to see my fucker. As soon as we made eye contact, the recognition made by both of us was instant.



He stopped, but his dick was still deeply buried inside my ass. We both froze, as if time stopped. But barely a few seconds later, I heard dad grunted.

“Oh fuck! Oh god!” he cried.

And I felt his dick jerked in my butt as he unloaded our family genes into my ass. I continued to stare at him, and things were falling into place. I knew who the guy who answered the door. He was my dad’s boss. And now my own father was dumping his sticky semen into his son’s own butt.

Without touching my own dick, I came for the third time that evening.


Hot, hot, hot….